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Why Use Rock 40?

You've heard of this new dry fertilizer, but are still confused as to why it is beneficial?  Then read on!

Rock 40 offers a great dry fertilizer replacement for traditional 11-52-0 blend.  Rock 40 is homengenous so every granule contains the same amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Zinc.  This makes for superior nutrient placement.  The 11-52-0 blend has a more varied distribution.  Another benefit of using Rock 40 over 11-52-0 is the type of sulfur present in Rock 40.  It is more readily plant available over that of the sulfur blended in 11-52-0.  The zinc in Rock 40 is also preferred to competitive homogeneous products because of its plant availability.  Please refer to the links below for a detailed sketch about nutrient placement.

Rock 40 Fertlizer Visual Based on 12" Centers

Rock 40 Fertlizer Visual Base on 30" Centers

DeKalb Field Day Photo

Thank you to all the producers who came to our DeKalb Seed Meeting on September 2nd!  We had a great turn out and we are very excited about the wonderful new seed products we have to offer our customers! 

America's Farmers Grow Communities Project
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Good Yields on DeKalb Corn
We have seen some good yields and most growers are having a lower moisture earlier so they can get the
corn out of the field and in the elevator. View test plot data at
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